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                           Why LinkedIn Ads Fail

There are 3 main reasons as to Why LinkedIn Ads Fail. Let's discuss each of these

Reason 1 : Targeting

Most of the people don't decide what their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) looks like for example you need to know what company sizes you want to target to, you cannot target companies let's say from 11-50 employee right upto 10,000 plus employee size 

Similarly you need to define what company industry you want to target to , you cannot for example let's say target Marketing and Advertising Industry and at the same time targeting also let's say Oil and Gas Industry

All company Industry, all company sizes cannot be your ICP , you need to define your company industry, you need to define your company size

Similarly in terms of individuals in these companies you need to decide what Job Titles they have , you cannot target CEO, CTO, CMO, all at the same time. All of them cannot be your ICP at the same time

You need to decide what Job Function they are in - whether they are in Engineering Job Function, or whether they are in Marketing Job Function

What Job Seniority they are- whether they are entry level, manager level, director level etc

You need to decide what skills your ICP would mention on their LinkedIn Profile

Similarly what groups would they would join on LinkedIn 

So you need to define which audience is feeling the maximum pain right now in regards to your products or services

Reason 2 : Message or the Ad Copy

When people are on LinkedIn they don't have much time, they are not there to be entertained as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook for example 

When people are on Facebook they are looking out for photos of their friends or family , but when people are on LinkedIn they are in  a completely different mindset- they are either looking for their jobs or careers or some news related to their industry

So people don't have that much of time when they are on LinkedIn , so you have to directly appeal to their pain points or motivations , you simply cannot talk about your products or services

So the first part of that 135 copy intro that has to be devoted to their pain points or motivation and the second part has to be devoted to your CTA (Call to Action)

So understand what are the pain points and motivations of your prospect and directly appeal to that in your ad copy

Reason 3 : Offer

When people are on LinkedIn , they are not looking for any kinds of products or services as compared to for example Google Ads where they are searching a product or service

But your target audience on LinkedIn are the right kind of people, they have the authority , they have the budget but they don't have a need and timeline for your product or service at this point in time

So bottom of the funnel offers like talk to a sales guy, demo request these kinds of offers have a very low conversion rates on LinkedIn Ads

Similarly LinkedIn Ads are not suitable for top of the funnel offers like Read More or Learn More , this is because LinkedIn Ads are expensive as a result you would not be able to justify your ROI (Return on Investment) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) unless and until you have a huge advertising budget

So always go in for Middle of the funnel offers like Cheatsheet, Guide, Webinar, Checklist etc. So these kind of offers have a very good conversion rates on LinkedIn 

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