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LinkedIn Ads provides the most precise targeting that you would get when you compare it with other social  all social media platforms

But at the same time they are expensive and have a higher CPC as compared to other social media platforms. As a result you could loose a lot of money if you attempt them without understanding the nuisances of the platform

Shivya & Saanchi have been managing LinkedIn Ads for clients (across all industries and sizes) helping them in various aspects like: 

1. Selection of right campaign Objective

2. Selection of Right Targeting Strategy - Splitting Campaign based on Job Titles, Job Functions+Seniority , Skills + Seniority and Groups + Seniority. Also helping them with Matched Audiences and Website Retargeting

3. Selecting the Right Bidding Strategy based on Click Through Rate (CTR)

4. Selecting the Right Ad Format

5. Optimizing and Developing Agile Testing Strategy for LinkedIn Ads

6. Using the DRIVE Strategy and B. J Fogg Behavioural model for writing the perfect Ad Copy

7. Scaling your LinkedIn Ads without loosing efficiency

8. Developing LinkedIn Ads Sales Funnel

9. Developing a robust reporting mechanism for your LinkedIn Ads Performance

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