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LinkedIn Ads Audience Expansion

Should you use Audience Expansion as a targeting option while you advertising on LinkedIn ? So let us try to first understand what is Audience Expansion

When you are setting up a new campaign or targeting on LinkedIn there is a small box called Audience Expansion which automatically gets selected , so this means that  LinkedIn will show your ads to people whom LinkedIn thinks matched your targeting

So you are basically giving levers to LinkedIn to decide targeting for you. Now why would you do that?

The reason you are advertising on LinkedIn and paying a premium price for Cost per Click (CPC) is because you get the most precise targeting as compared to any other social media platforms. You could target people by the company they work for , you could target people by their Job Titles, skills, job functions, linkedin groups they have joined etc.

So why you want to dilute that targeting by giving LinkedIn the powers to decide targeting for you. 

So it's always recommended to never dilute your targeting by selecting this box for Audience Expansion. Always deselect this box for Audience Expansion

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