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LinkedIn Ads Event Tracking

How to track LinkedIn Ads Conversion using an event specific pixel specifically when there is no unique URL. So let's say if somebody submits their information on a contact us page and goes to a Thank You page then it's very easy to track that thank you page using conversion tracking, but let's say what happens if they don't go to a thank you page and remains on the so you can track that clicks using an event specific pixel

So here are the steps on how to do it:

1. Click on Account Assets with in your Ad Manager Platform and go to conversions 

2. Once you are on your conversion page , you can click Create a  Conversion

3. Name your Conversions

4. Select an Action that best describes your conversion action

5. Enter how much this conversion is worth to your business (Option Step)

6. Select the Click and View Conversion Window- Normally keep the Click Conversion Window as 30 days and View Conversion Window as 7 days

7. Select the attribution model. Keep it Lost Touch - Each campaign

8. Select the Campaigns with whom this conversion action would be associated

9. Define how would like to track conversion - In our case we would not be using site wide Insight Tag but click in - use an event specific pixel to track

10. So you need to enter this url which starts with https when you are setting this up through Google Tag Manager

11. Head over to Google Tag Manager and click on New Tag

12. Click on Tag Configuration

13. Click on Custom Image Option

14. Now enter the url from step 10

15. Now we need to select the Trigger, so click on Trigger Configuration

16. Click on All Elements

17. Click on Some Clicks

18. Enter the Click URL that you need to track and Save The Trigger

19. Use the Preview Mode to test whether the tag is working or not


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